Here, Now

Here we are. Alone at home. Never enough time. So busy. And here we all are. With nothing but time. No work. No travel. Just stillness, inside. It’s uncomfortable. Left to ourselves. So many of us work so hard to avoid exactly this. This opportunity to look inside. To be with your mind. Your body. Your feelings. No! Not my feelings! I have felt the tension between non-reactivity and detachment and real fear and worry. I am holding both the resistance and the acceptance. It’s uncomfortable in here. But this morning, sitting, with my eyes closed and my mind wandering to dinner, I thought to myself, ‘I will be nice and easy today’ Easy. What does that feel like? Can we choose that? I don’t know. But I did this morning. I am feeling the tension now. Here we are.

So. What’s there to do then. Today, I want to write. I don’t want to read the news. I don’t want to worry and browse. Maybe I will later. When it feels easier.

I am thinking about our psyches. All the parts of ourselves that we’re being forced to hang out with. No social distancing in there, unfortunately.

In A Path With Heart by Jack Kornfield he lists these characters , inherent within each of us (and in company with many, many more):

The Hero

The Lover

The Hermit

The Dictator

The Wise Woman

The Fool

I will explore these characters in the coming days and share what I find. Stay tuned. And don’t be afraid of your feelings. Remember, nice and easy.

With love, in solitude and solidarity


LAMB/WOLF returns!

Hello, all! Happy 2020!

I’m thrilled to share that Triskelion Arts is presenting LAMB/WOLF March 5, 6,7, 2020. After premiering this work last September I can say with confidence that YOU WILL LOVE IT. I was overwhelmed by its impact.

This is a fairy tale and it belongs to all of us. Can’t wait…



LAMB/WOLF, my new work, will premiere in Brooklyn in September of 2019.

Have you ever felt hunger that’s buckled your knees? A longing so hollow that your bones start to thin?


Or do you long to hear the sound of your own voice above the deafening babel of the flock?


LAMB/WOLF is a love story between two ill-fated souls written and performed by Annalyn Lehnig.

Supplemental Program Notes <3

The Circus Lovesick is an ode to my favorite pain

To the noble ailment, heartache


When it comes to love, I’m an optimist

Love! more than anything else

And people keep saying wow Annalyn

A one woman show?

That’s so brave

I know they’re right

But Loving


That is so much braver


So if I’ve any courage at all

It’s only because I’ve fallen and felt like hell over and over

I’m learning now how to put myself back together

All on my own



May we all love like the oldest

Most amorous clown

On some Italian island…

Humored by love but never hardened


Thank you so much for coming


Feel free to write me a love note


I’m on social media preferring Instagram over the others @annalyn.lehnig

Share your reactions, post photos, be sure to #thecircuslovesick



My one woman show, The Circus Lovesick, is being presented at Jalopy Theater every Sunday in March at 7pm.

This show is special. It’s been in my bones and my throat and my heart for nearly 11 years. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to share it again with audiences in New York.

Come, enjoy, and tell all your friends! I’ll wow you, I promise.




Photo: Autumn Lee


I’m still vibrating from my wondrous weekend in Minneapolis. On Saturday I had the honor of performing my one woman show, The Circus Lovesick, at Casket Arts. It was rigorous and vulnerable and just a damn pleasure.

And thank you to everyone who came through to support The Circus Lovesick at Jalopy Theater on November 2nd. So many people that I love and admire and many more who I’d never met held space for me and let me tell ya, I went wild. That was so fun.

Can’t wait to return to Jalopy Theater for my March residency. Every Sunday, 7pm. Get ready, lovers.

Photographer: Autumn Lee



The Circus Lovesick at Jalopy Theatre

The Circus Lovesick will be presented on Friday November 2nd at the charming Jalopy Theatre in Red Hook. I’m totally thrilled about this. The space is perfect and I have the pleasure and privilege of sharing the evening with my collaborator, the talented Francesca Van Horne who will be presenting her solo show, Tales From The Trundle.

Don’t miss this y’all.

Clear your schedule, mark your calendars and stay tuned for details!